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What is a kachelofen?
Put simply, a Kachelofen is a beautiful clay stove that burns wood extremely efficiently - allowing for a clean and long lasting radiant heat. The heat is stored in the clay Kachel (clay brick) thermal mass, and then slowly radiates into your home for the next 8 to 24 hours. As the Kachelofen is made of clay bricks, the design possibilities are endless. A custom Kachelofen can be a work of art.

Growing up in Nürnberg, Germany we had a Kachelofen in our house. The memories of this easy, comforting heating method are what inspired me to expand my business to offer custom built Kachelöfen to my clients.

What can a Kachelofen look like?

Kachelofen can be custom-designed to fit your location and your home's aesthetic. They can be built in any architectural style, and be virtually any colour.

How long will a Kachelofen last?

A properly maintained Kachelofen will last forever. The oldest standing Kachelofen was built in the 15th centrury and is in a Castle in Meran, Südtirol, northern Italy. A Kachelofen can even be dismantled and reassembled in another location!

Why is the Kachelofen so efficient?

The fire itself burns quickly, with lots of oxygen. Once the flames have been reduced to embers, the Kachelofen's door is locked airtight, so that the gases travel slowly through the flue system built out of refractory brick. The brick absorbs most of the heat. This in turn heats up the Kachel, which then radiate warmth for a long period of time into your room.

How long will it take to make a custom Kachelofen?

Once designs and colours have been approved, it takes the Kachelmaker (potter) approximately two to three months to make all the Kacheln for one oven. The actual time required will vary depending on the design and complexity of the Kachel. It takes about one - two weeks for a certified Kachelofen builder to assemble.

What is the average price of a Kachelofen?

Including design, production and installation, a Kachelofen costs approximately $25 000 to $35 000.

Can a Kachelofen be built for an old home?

Yes! A Kachelofen can be built in any architectural style from the last 500 years! The heater will complement the decor of any home, whether it be a Victorian mansion or a Post-modern home.

Does a Kachelofen need a chimney?

Yes, the Kachelofen needs to be vented out of a locally approved chimney. It is interesting to note that the exhaust from a Kachelofen is of an extremely low temperature compared to other methods of burning wood. By the time the exhaust reaches the chimney the temperature is only around 200 Celcius. The overwhelming majority of the heat gets absorbed by the refractory brick shafts inside the Kachelofen.

Can a Kachelofen heat more than one room?

Absolutely! A Kachelofen can heat more than one room. The flue network can easily be made to pass through a wall to feed a second Kachelofen.

What is the avarage size, and foot print of a Kachelofen?

The size of a Kachelofen is determined by a number of factors. Primary amongst these is the volume of the room that it is being designed to heat. The foot print of an avarage Kachelofen is 100 cm x 60 cm.

What kind of foundation does a Kachelofen need?

Kachelofen are very heavy, and so a foundation must be built beneath the oven in order to support its mass. The foundation for an avarage Kachelofen must support 1200kg.


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